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Conventional Augers in Australia

At Wheatheart, we’re one of the leading suppliers of conventional augers in Australia. We started importing our premium products from Canada in 1994, though we’ve been operating for over four decades. Learn more about our augers below. more

Grain Transfer Augers for Sale 

If you want to remove the challenge of moving grain from A to B, you should browse our extensive range of grain transfer augers for sale in Australia. Below, we explain how you can benefit from investing our equipment and detail some top tips more

Swingaway Augers Australia

At Wheatheart, we understand that farms and commercial operations need tough and dependable machinery, and we precision engineer our Swingaway Augers in Australia with that in mind. In addition, we pride ourselves in the serviceability of more

Utility Augers

Whether you need a utility auger for permanent or semi-permanent installations, Wheatheart offers Utility Augers with options that will meet your specific needs. more

Augers in Dalby

At Wheatheart, we have an extensive range of conventional and Swingaway Augers in Dalby that can help you minimise grain wastage, while making transportation straightforward and efficient. We’ve been more

Augers Moree

Considering the rich black-soil plains nearby, it’s no surprise that many farms need new and powerful augers in Moree. Farming equipment dealerships throughout NSW are under increasing pressure more

Augers Roma

Wheatheart augers available in Roma perform exceptionally well in the Australian climate, their robust engineering contributes to their durability, while the uncomplicated design ensures that our augers are simple to maintain and operate. more

Augers St George

When searching for grain augers in St George, Wheatheart models are second to none. Our augers are dependable, tough and easy to manoeuvre. Regardless of the type of grain you are handling, or the size of your farm, we have the ideal more

Augers Tamworth

You can now purchase the correct Augers in Tamworth to suit your farming setup from various dealers who can answer any questions you have regarding our augers throughout New South Wales and Queensland. From calculating the correct more

Augers Toowoomba

Our precision engineered portable augers from Toowoomba dealers are perfect for your grain handling needs regardless of the size of your operation. Wheatheart Conventional and Swingaway augers are built to be durable, dependable and efficient. more

Grain Augers for Sale Australia

The owners of the most productive farms are always on the lookout for reliable grain augers for sale in Australia. Considering the significant amount of work that large farms require, their machinery tends to experience tremendous wear and tear. more

Grain Augers NSW 

A grain auger in NSW is a helpful asset for farmers. Wheatheart carries a durable line of augers that are ideal for any company which distributes farm equipment. We understand the critical role that this machine plays on farms, which is why we offer more

Grain Augers QLD

At Wheatheart, we offer an extensive line of portable grain augers in QLD that can meet all your operation’s needs. These include both Swingaway augers as well as conventional augers. We have augers with specialised self-propelled options and a more