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Farmrite distributing AGI Westfield Augers

AGI (Ag Growth International) has appointed Farmrite as a national distributor of the Westfield range of Augers and Belt Conveyors, effective from the 1st of January 2021.

Wheatheart and Westfield augers are both manufactured at the AGI facility in Rosenort, Manaitoba. After the decision by AGI to consolidate the Wheatheart and Westfield product lines, Farmrite has opted to move forward with the Westfield brand.

The AGI Westfield brand is well known and respected around the world and Farmrite are excited about being able to offer Westfield augers.  

Kohler Motors Standard Equipment on AGI Wheatheart Augers 

Kohler motors are standard equipment on all AGI Augers. Kohler motors are manufactured in the USA and has been an industry pioneer for over 80 years.

The AGI Wheatheart 8:41 and 8:51 Transportable Auger models use the Kohler CH730 (23hp) model, while the 10 inch augers use Kohler CH750 (27 hp) or CH940 (32 hp) motors. The new AGI Wheatheart 10 inch, 61 foot Transportable Auger uses the Kohler ECH980 fuel injected 38 hp motor.

For more information contact your nearest AGI Auger Dealer 

Transportable Grain Auger

FarmFest and AgQuip Field Days Cancelled for 2020 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic ACM Rural Events has decided to cancel FarmFest and AgQuip for 2020.

FarmFest is usually held in June but it had been moved to October. AgQuip was moved from August to November, however due to the uncertainty surrounding gatherings for major events it was decided to cancel both events for 2020. This is the first-time in AgQuip’s 48 year history that the call has been made not to proceed with the event 

Transportable Grain Auger

New AGI Auger Colour Scheme 

Starting in mid 2020 AGI Wheatheart grain augers will start shipping with the new reverse colour scheme. The new augers feature a black barrel and red undercarriage.

AGI Wheatheart augers are made in the AGI factory in Rosenort, a small town just south of Winnipeg, in Manitoba Canada.  

Established in 1996, AGI is a leading manufacturer of portable and stationary grain handling equipment, including augers, belt conveyors and grain-handling accessories.

Transportable Grain Auger

AGI Wheatheart 16 inch Awing Away Augers

The AGI Wheatheart X160 Swing Away grain auger is ideally suited to large farming and commercial operations. Available in 105 and 125 foot lengths and capable of 10 tonnes per minute the X160 is the biggest and best auger available today.

The AGI Wheatheart X16 Swing Away Auger features; Steel Trussing / 
Square Flight Connectors / Low Profile Dual Flight Hopper /  1000 RPM Reverser Gearbox

For more information Download the Brochure or contact your nearest AGI Wheatheart Dealer

AGI Wheatheart Swing Away Grain Auger

New AGI UTX 44 U-Trough Auger 

The new AGI UTX U-Trough load out auger is built with resilience and longevity in mind. The UTX is 44 foot long and capable of up to 240 tons per hour and comes with a heavy duty mover kit, hydraulic winch and LED work lights. The electric clutch and triple banded drive belt coupled with a reversing gearbox and top drive chain tensioner make for a bullet proof drive train. 

For more information Download the Brochure or contact your nearest AGI Wheatheart Dealer

Transportable Grain Auger

AGI Wheatheart in Goondiwindi 

Black Truck and Ag at Goondiwindi now have stock of AGI Wheatheart Transportable and Swing Away grain augers.

The new XTA-X 8 inch x 51 foot transportable grain auger comes standard with; Reversing Gearbox / 40 ltr Fuel Tank / Banded Belts / Electric Clutch / Redesigned Motor Mount and Belt Guards / RHS Heavy Duty Undercarriage / Drop Chute and Hopper / Honda GX690 Electric Start motor and Battery.

For more information download the Brochure or contact Black Truck and Ag Goondiwindi on 07 46713521 

Transportable Grain Auger

71 foot Conventional Transportable Auger - The GHR / WR 8 inch conventional augers are available in 61 or 71 foot models. The 71 foot model has a reach of 47 foot (14 meters) making it the ideal choice for going into larger silos that most conventional transportable augers can not reach.

The AGI Wheatheart GHR / WR Series is available with a standard electric motor drive or with an optional variable speed drive.

For more information Download the Brochure or contact your nearest AGI Wheatheart Dealer

Transportable Grain Auger

New XTA Transportable  Auger  - AGI Wheatheart have just released the new XTA Transportable Auger. The AGI Wheatheart XTA Features an Electric Clutch, Banded Belts, New No Fuss Motor Mount and Reversing Gearbox. 

For more information Download the Brochure or contact your nearest AGI Wheatheart Dealer

Transportable Grain Auger