Transportable Augers

The AGI Wheatheart / Westfield range of Transportable Load-Out augers are built for durability, longevity and capacity. AGI Wheatheart are committed to providing farmers with augers they can trust. AGI Wheatheart's Load-Out augers are available in 8" and  10" tube diameters and in lengths from 41 to 71 foot. 

Transportable Grain Auger
 XTA  Augers
AGI Wheatheart’s XTA Load Out transportable grain auger has been redesigned from top to bottom and is engineered to perform at optimum levels when you need it most. The XTA is built for durability, longevity and capacity. With the XTA, you’ll get the job done fast. AGI Wheatheart XTA transportable augers are available in lenghts from 41 foot to 61 foot.
Transportable Grain Auger

Durability - The XTA features Banded Belts and a heavy-duty motor mount designed to handle high horsepower motors,

Reversing Gearbox - The reversing gearbox allows the
auger to be reversed at all angles and includes the linkage and lockout for easy clean-out.

Motor Options - The 8:41 and 8:51 augers come standard with Kohler motors, with the option of a Honda motor. All 10 inch models are equipped with Kohler Motors. 

 Electric Clutch (Optional) - The electric clutch with remote allows you to start and stop the auger without stopping the motor.

Hydraulic Mover Kit (Optional)- The hydraulicly driven self-propelled mover kit features side mounted controls, drives on both wheels and a hydraulic winch to raise and lower the auger. 

 GHR  Augers
The AGI Wheatheart / Westfield GHR / WR range of Augers are available in 8” and 10” barrel diameters with the option of either Electric or Hydraulic drive. Wheatheart GHR / WR augers feature wear-edge on the intake flight for longer life and drive shaft bearings of durable oil-impregnated hardwood for long, quiet operation. 
Transportable Grain Auger

61 and 71 foot models - The GHR/WHR is available in 61 and 71 foot models for getting over larger silos.

Drive Options - The AGI Wheatheart GHR/WR augers are available in Electric or Hydraulic Drive. 

Poly Hopper & Drop Chute are Standard - A Poly Hopper and Drop Chute are standard equipment on all AGI Wheatheart Load Out Augers.

Long Reach Intake - The intake reach is designed for maximum reach for easy access under silos.